Service Request

Service Request

Custom Music Production:

Please send me an email using the email address shown on the left bar with a music production request following the guidelines below. You will receive a quote for the specific music production service you have submitted


  • Indicate the following information in your email:
    • Preferred Music Genre: You can select mutliple options for the music genre you have in mind for your project. Ideally, no more than three genres are selected.
    • Project Description: This is a high level description which will tell us about the end use for the music you request.
    • Detailed Project Description: Here you should describe as much as possible the main ideas for the music you’re after, such as mood, duration, level of orchestration, etc. You would also use this field to provide more details when selecting an option including a “Specify” statement in music genre and project description selections above. You should also describe more details for the end use of the music (i.e. if TV series, what the series is about, etc)
    • Select Audio File Format: The audio format delivered by the licensing center can be selected. Please make sure you select a format which suits your needs.
    • Please feel free to contact me for any questions by using the contact information.


  • Once you have received my quote please use your Paypal account to transfer the payment using the details specified in the quote email.

Mixing Services:

Submit a Mixing Service Request by email. Please follow guidelines below for this purpose:


  • Check out with Paypal below on this page by selecting the number of songs ordered for mixing. Please note you don’t need a Paypal account to pay with Paypal services (Select Credit Card option when prompted),
  • Music Genre: If you have more than one song for mixing, please select all music genres included in the material to be mixed (several choices are allowed)
  • Select Mixed Audio File Format: This is the target file format to be used when delivering the final mix.
  • Select Mixed Audio bit/depth rate: This is the target bit rate (for mp3 files) or bit depth (for uncompressed audio files) to be used when deliveringt he final mix.
  • Select Artist: If you’re an unsigned artist, make sure you select this option to enjoy our discount rates.
  • Number of songs: This is the total number of songs for the request.
  • Submitted Material Audio File Format and audio bit/depth rate: Select the type of files you will be submitting for mix. The expectation is that all audio files (one file per audio track synchronized to project start time), should have the same format and bit/depth rate.
  • Comments: Please help us understand better your material and add any additional mix preferences: fade in/outs, particular effects, your vision on the mix, etc so we can meet those expectations.

Mixing Services:
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

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