Mixing Services


Order Mixing Services for two songs at $149.90 and get the third song mixed free!

I’ve been in the music production business for more than 15 years and understand that no song can be a hit without a solid, well-balanced mix. A few samples of my final products can be found HERE.

Having an experienced engineer mix your music will significantly enhance the quality and marketability of your material. Since mixing is also an art, the mixing engineer needs to be capable of understanding the intent of your music. This goal is greatly accomplished when this person is a musician himself.

Since I’ve been an independent musician for so many years, I understand the real need to have access to great services at affordable rates. That’s the reason why I offer special mixing rates to support unsigned musicians.

Mixing Tools used: Sonar 8 Production edition, Waves SSL V6, UA HD Plug-ins, PLParEQ Refined Audiometrics Professional equalizer, Lexington Reverb, Voxengo Mastering Suite, Altiverb, Voxengo HarmoniEQ Equalizer, Kjaerhus Gold Series, Sonitus fx suite, Elephant Compressor, UA Audio Eventide H910 Harmonizer and others.

These are simple key points which need to be followed when submitting audio for mixing to achieve the best results in the final product:

Do not use faders on individual tracks. If you would like a fade in or fade out section please indicate so in the mixing request form.

Do not compress or use maximizers on tracks. (Except if If you’re going after a special effect on a track driven by using dyanmic processors).

Leave headroom during tracking. If you’re recording at 24 bit, there is no need to try and reach 0 dBFS for each track. This will allow me to manipulate the tracks with more flexibility and obtain a cleaner mix.

Make sure that each track submitted for a song mix starts at project time 0 (even if there is silence upfront). This will allow me to synchronize the tracks easily when importing into the DAW software.

Ideally, each track will be submitted at 24 bits or 32 bits bit depth files. However, if you plan on sending 16 bit tracks, do not dither them when exporting.

It is advisable to submit your material in 44.1 KHZ sampling rate but we can always convert other sampling rates.
Material for submission should include one audio file per track with a meaningful name (i.e. “guitar”, “Vocal 1” etc)

Mixing Rates

  1. $75 = 1 Song
  2. $200 = 3 Songs (Save $25)
  3. $325 = 5 Songs (Save $50)
  4. $650 = 10 Songs (Save $100)
  5. $750 = 12 Songs (Save $150)
  6. $812 = Full album more than 12 songs up to 15 songs


MIxing Rates above are applicable for up to 20 tracks per song. Please contact me regarding fees applicable for greater number of tracks per song.

Each song duration up to 7 minutes, ask about details for longer songs.

Contact us for more than 15 Songs

Essential Mastering Included at no additional charge.

Fees in US$ are approximate estimates, actual are adjusted per applied currency conversion rates.

How to Submit Your Material for Mixing Services:

  1. Email us a Mixing Service Request for the work using the guidelines in the Service Request page.
  2. Check out with PayPal in the Service Request page.
  3. An email will be sent to you confirming the receipt of the form and payment
  4. Upon payment receipt, we will open an FTP account for you to upload the material. Link and password will be sent to you for this purpose.
  5. After work completion, we will upload the final mix to your FTP account for you to download and we will send you an email notifying you the mix is ready. We will accept one post-production feedback on the final product. We are committed to perform any final touch-up or corrections as needed to suit your preferences, as much as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.