instruments & gear

Let me show you around my studio and tell you a bit about the instruments I use.




Ibanez Electric Guitar

Model: Pat Metheny 120

Ovation Acoustic Guitar 

Standard Elite

Model 2778AX

12 Strings Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Acosutic Guitar

Model WD10SCE12

Classic Guitar


Model NTX900FM

keyboards and digital pianos

Roland V-Piano

M-Audio Key Station 88es

gear and hardware

Mixing Console EPM 6

Near Field Monitor Adam A7X

ESI nEar 05 Near Field Monitor

ESI Quatafire  610 Digital Audio Interface

Virtual Pianos


Bosendorfer 290 VST

Garritan Steinway

Ravenscroft 275


Lounge Lizard EP-4 Electric Pianos Collection

Mr. Ray 22 Electric Piano

Yamaha CP70 Grand Electrix

Elerctric Keys Pianos



Virtual Libraries and Synthesizers



Kontakt 3

EZDrummer Drum Kit

Independance Free

Kore Player

sfz Soundfont Player

Quantum Leap RA

EWQL SO Platinum Brass

EWQL SO Platinum Percussion

EWQL SO Platinum Strings

EWQL SO Platinum Woodwinds

Cakewalk TTS-1

Dimension LE


Digital Audio Workstation and Digital Processing Systems


Cakewalk Sonar Version 6 Professional Edition

Goldwave Digital Audio Processor



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